About Us


Welcome to PB Racing, of cial Lotus dealer and racing team! The global sport of car racing and PB Racing have become inseparable terms on the scene over the latest years. On the following pages, our team would like to present itself to you in more detail, and to provide insights into the fascinating world of motorsport. Find out about the successful history of us and discover the many available possibilities about international sponsoring for your company and brands. We remain available to you at all times to answer any questions about this subject.


PB Racing was founded in 1998 as Lotus Motorsport center and official Lotus workshop and, starting in 2007, became a Lotus Cars dealership for the sale of road and racing cars. In 2008 PB Racing became the official and exclusive organizer of Lotus Cup Italia as the only Lotus Motorsport center in Italy, with an intense activity in the competitions that brought the Bergamo company to an incredible level of know-how that raise it among the Lotus centers. Most popular cars in Europe and in the world, as well as Motorsport center with the best results both in the world and on the track. The president of PB Racing is Stefano d'Aste, professional driver and World Champion of the FIA ​​WTCC Indipendenti in 2007, a fundamental figure that supports entrepreneurial activities in every field, providing his many years of competitive experience. Stefano is also an official Lotus Cars driver, third in the GT4 European Championship on Lotus Evora in 2011 and pro-driver testers in the development of new cars of the British brand. From 2014 P.B. Corse has also become the exclusive manufacturer of the Elise PB-R Cup, a project born from the collaboration of P.B. Corse, Ing. Calovolo and Lotus Motorsport.

Some of PB Racing results and key points:
  • 2003: Italian Champion - Elise Trophy
  • 2004: Winner of Monza Rally Show
  • 2005: Winner of Italian Hill Climb race
  • 2006: PB Racing develops the Lotus Exige Rally GT car for the italian championship
  • 2007: 3rd in GT Cup Italian Championship - Gold Helmet by Autosprint - Winner of Monza Rally Show - Winner of Bomboogie GT Challenge (Motorshow Bologna)
  • 2008: Lotus Cup Italy - Stefano d’Aste works with Lotus Cars to develop the 2-Eleven GT4 Light for the FIA GT4 Championship - Winner of Monza Rally Show and Master Show
  • 2009: Lotus Cup Italy - Franciacorta Rally Circuit - Winner of Monza Rally Show and Master Show - Winner of 24 Hours of Dubai
  • 2010: Lotus Cup Italy - Franciacorta Rally Circuit - Winner of Monza Rally Show and Master Show
  • 2011: Lotus Cup Italy - 6 Hours of Misano - Winner of Monza Rally Show and Master Show
  • 2012: Lotus Cup Italy - Winner of Sebino Rally - Winner of Imola Rally Circuit, Varano Rally Circuit and Merry Christmas Magione Rally Circuit - Gold Helmet by Autosprint
  • 2013: FIA WTCC (5th in the Yokohama Indipendents Trophy) - Lotus Cup Italy - Coppa Italia


PB Racing projects and sells kits for Lotus cars, starting from mechanical parts for engine through transmission to carbon ber body and aerodynamic upgrades.

PB Racing staff is composed by professional and motivated people with multi-years experience and skills in motorsport. Our knowledge comes from over fteen years of racing activities and events both on trackside and rallies, in add to the daily work in the workshop, where PB Racing and its personnel take care about customers cars in every aspect. PB Racing has all modern tools and facilities to be one of the most graduated Lotus Motorsport center and dealer in the world; as supporting vehicles, we have one tractor- trailer, one truck, one Daily multifuncition van and one passenger van, the perfect mix to move wherever around Europe.