Evora GT4

IT How many compact sportscars can blast from 0-60mph in just 6.0 seconds (0-100kph in 6.5secs)? The super-light Elise 1.6 can at just 1,931lbs (876kgs). It is the timelessly stylish, lightweight composite body, attached to an equally light aluminium alloy chassis-tub that forms the basis for several other Lotus models. That’s what does it. Yet, it is strong, which allows its suspension to work impressively, resisting body roll but remaining taut enough for the ultimate sportscar thrills, while retaining damping compliance that affords the Elise an astonishingly good ride quality. It is Lotus years of experience and irrepressible talent that allow a car like Elise to be created.

Small capacity is not a hindrance to the entry-level Elise. Its multi-valve 1.6-litre engine delivers a sparkling 134bhp (136PS). Select the first of its six close-ratio gears and the forwards delivery is electric. Its 153bhp/tonne (155PS/1000kgs) enables a V-max of 127mph (204kph), yet its Combined fuel economy is given as 45mpg (6.3l/100km) and CO2 emissions are just 149g/km. This is affordable sportscar ownership by any judgement.

Underpinning every Elise is the most efficient, strongest and low weight extruded and bonded chassis-tub. Based on more than 60 years of racing car developments, its torsional rigidity is outstanding. It allows the suspension to work most effectively, to provide unparalleled grip, a comfortable ride and a dynamic balance that is exceptional. An electronic differential lock (EDL) helps to tame any over-exuberance (for which you can be forgiven).

However inelegant some safety features can be, Lotus incorporates them within its cars as elements of the design package. The lightweight chassis is protected by safety zones. LED supplementary lighting makes your Elise easier to see. Its advanced braking system works with the driver to avoid unfortunate incidents. Twin airbags are part of the safety equipment.







  • Fuel-injected
  • 1.6-litre engine develops 134hp (136PS)
  • Delivers meaty 118lbs ft (160Nm) of torque
  • Mid-engine provides balance
  • Aero-optimised
  • Light and agile
  • Open differential
  • Brisk acceleration
  • Focused minimalism
  • Trimmed in cloth
  • Lightweight seats
  • Hip-hugging driving position
  • Small diameter, leather steering wheel rim
  • 4-speaker stereo system
  • Pushbutton start
  • Electric windows
  • Central door-locking
  • Face-level air vents
  • 16-inch diameter front alloys
  • 17-inch diameter rear alloys
  • 12-spoke cast alloy style
  • Silver or black colour options
  • Optional 6 spoke, Y-type cast alloy wheels
  • Optional Forged alloy wheels
  • Head-turning presence
  • Compact packaging
  • Styled for zero-lift
  • Maximum down force
  • Taut and poised
  • Targeted efficiency
  • Manual 6-speed
  • Close ratios
  • Light shift weight
  • Slick changes
  • Balanced clutch weight
  • Lotus throttle management
  • Fast rev-drop between shifts
  • 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds (0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds)



Max power 360 PS at 6500 rpm
Max torque 445 Nm at 5500 rpm
Max Engine Revs 7200 rpm
Engine Position Transverse mid-mounted
Unladen Vehicle Mass 1200 kg
Fuel Rating 98 RONminimum

Evora GT4

Front splitter, diffuser, barge boards, rear race wing, front and rear brake cooling, canards and rear dive planes Standard
Polycarbonate side windows Standard
Standard Lotus colour range Standard
Electrically operated door mirrors Standard
Modular lightweight bonded aluminiium structure, 4-point air jack system Standard
FIA rain light Standard
Jump battery connector Standard
Lightweight bonded aluminium bonded chassis structure. FIA approved roll cage, front and rear towing eyes Standard
Composite body panels Standard
Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension, 2-way adjustable ohlins TTX dampers Standard
Eibach coaxial coli springs Standard
Uni-ball suspension bushes, uprated anti-roll bar Standard
  Evora GT4
Quick release steering wheel Standard
Gear indicator, Fire extinguisher and electrical cut-out, D2 Standard Pi tool box lite, download cable and beacon receiver Standard
FIA approved competition seat on fixed mounting frame - HANS compatible [driver only] Standard
FIA approved 6-point competition harness - HANS compatible [driver only] Standard
Evora GT4 
Eligible to race in the following series:
SRO European GT4
SRO British GT4
Dutch Supercar
Lotus Cup Series
  Evora GT4
All alloy, 4.0 litre DOHC V6 VVT-i 2GR-FE normally aspirated with dry sump Standard
MIL diagnostics Standard
Mid mounted, transverse, rear wheel drive Standard
Competition stainless steel exhaust manifold and silencer with FIA homologated catalyst Standard
Exhaust noise 110 dB [A] at 3,800 rpm [FIA] Standard
FIA FT3 approved fuel system with internal high pressure pump, regulator and filter with uprated fuel pump Standard
Performance air filter and carbon plenum and trumpets Standard
Twin pump style fuel tank filler system Standard
FIA fuel sampling kit Standard
Engine cooling via a high ambient, twin-core aluminium end tank radiator, Laminova heat exchanger Standard
Xtrac sequential 6 speed, driving rear wheels. transverse layout dog engagement, reverse and neutral engagement protected semi-dry sump  Standard
Steering wheel operated paddle shift Standard
Twin-plate sintered clutch Standard
Length 4084 mm
Width excluding mirrors 1802 mm
Height 1129 mm
Wheelbase 2370 mm
Unladen vehicle mass 1200 kg
Fuel tank capacity 96 litres nominal 96 litres nominal
  Evora GT4
Solidly mounted, mechanical rack and pinion with PAS cooling, quick release steering wheel Standard
Twin master cylinder pedal box Standard
Four-piston calipers with 2-piece aluminium belled discs, race pads [front and rear] Standard
Competition brake/clutch fluid Standard
Gloss black, cast alloy  wheels [Front 18x8.5J, Rear 18x10J] Standard
Front 24/64-18  Standard
Rear 27/65-18 Standard
  Evora GT4
Adjustable seat runner Option
Passenger seat Option
Carbon roof scoop Option
Quick fill fuel fillers Option
Ballast tray Option
D3 datalogger Option
Alcon brakes [5 stud] Option
Lightweight battery Option
Additional spotlamps Option
Carbon roof Option
26 litre upper fuel cell Option
Carbon doors Option
Enduro spec carbon rear wing Option
Carbon rear tailgate Option
Polycarbonate windscreen Option
Front splitter infill panels Option
Centre locks with AP Racing brakes Option
Quick fill oil system Option
Centre locks with Alcon brakes Option
Endurance spec driveshafts Option
4-way adjustable Ohlins dampers Option